Each week; a service streamed to your home, complete with praise, worship, prayers and a Word to match the moment. Coupled with a full schedule of online activities to suit several demographics throughout the week

Are you interested in becoming a future church leader? Bishop Wayne is on a mission to train and develop believers for leading roles in the emerging church. Register your interest today to receive a full prospectus and notifications.

 Services begin on Sunday july 4th with a Big Reunion thanksgiving service. Service starts from 10.00am – 12.00 noon at St Pauls Way Trust School, 125 St Pauls Way London E3 4FT.  Spaces are limited so register today.

In-Person Services Each Week at 10.00am

About us

iCC is a community of believers committed to Christ and to his cause…

The cause of Christ is to reconcile (reconnect) people to God. The reconciled life is an adventure to say the least. A journey of faith that grows in wonder as the years go by. By plugging into God’s love and power, we experience transformation in the form of a fresh start. With that new life comes new opportunities to serve our generation and to have a positive impact others. We invite you to join our community in-person or online from anywhere in the world…

Become a part of this movement

We welcome people from any part of the world and from any state you may be in, to join our community. iCC is a field of potential in which God continues to plant seeds of greatness!

Exciting things happening this month!

In-person services in East London

Join us every Sunday at 10.00am for in-person services at our new worship centre in Bow East London. Head over to the ”Activities’ tab in the top menu ,where you can get more information. Registration is no longer compulsory and covid safety rules will apply  till further notice.

Daily Prayer Call

For the seven weeks between Passover and Pentecost – April 17th – June 5th, we are praying each week day into the WOW series of special services. Download this special 7 week devotional here.

Wednesday Bible Class

Join our team every Wednesday night at 8.00pm for a fascinating exploration of the Bible. Lots of foundational topics, excellent for growing your faith. 

Church in the House 

Join us at 11.00am each Sunday for the Church in the House Experience. A church service that you can enjoy in the comfort of your own home. The service is streamed on our Youtube and Facebook platforms and comes packed with praise, special presentations and dynamic preaching. 

The Antioch School of Ministry

Our School of Ministry – raising up future church leaders – is currently in recess until May 28th. Download our brochure here or go over to the ‘Antioch’ tab in our top menu to enrol. 

WOW – Safe Houses

Join Bishop Wayne for Week1 in our WOW series. This week’s message is entitled ‘Safe Houses’. Its all about how and where you can find a safe place to shelter from judgement, pain, pressure and persecution. It’s eye-opening and transformational. Don’t miss it. 

What’s good about iCan community

A few things we’re great at

We are a growing community that is continuously exploring new ways to support each other and to fulfil our mission. 


Each week at 11.00am a service ice you can enjoy in the comfort of your home. Streaming through Youtube, Facebook and this site. It’s an hour or more of praise, prayer, preaching and ministry. Subscribe to our Youtube channel for notifications.


Personal development

We believe that Christian life becomes more meaningful as we grow and that we become more useful to society with advanced personal skills. iCC delivers learning experiences weekly on faith, finance, relationships, health, business and more…


Special events

Conferences, workshops, drama and concerts are all part of the iCC experience. Online and in person (When permitted). These are exciting and empowering experiences that promote faith, hope and love


Join our daily devotion on a free conference call from at 6.00am to start the day and again at 6.00pm to begin your evening.


Community support

iCAN Shine is a suite of initiatives aimed at supporting our community through these difficult times



We believe that children are the future and therefore host a weekly children’s church every Sunday at 9.30am

Join us! It will only take a minute

Bishop Wayne Malcolm is the founder and president of the iCAN family of initiatives. An author, keynote speaker and entrepreneur in the the personal development industry – He overseas the three branches of our mission i.e. The Church, The Leadership Academy and The Global Network of marketplace missionaries.

Call us on 0203-750-0057 or email us here…